The Musings of Molly

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Daily Art

I have been ridiculously twitching to do watercolor lately. All my belongings are packed. I literally had to go digging for a pencil and broke off a linoleum block to serve as an eraser. It's kind of sad... but exciting too as I'm prepping to move back to New England... so here's the daily sketch of my grandpa whilst listening to Florence + the Machine... my new musical intrigue... I'll post the other piece I did on Friday after I give it to a friend of mine. But, that said, as I paint, part of me is like, "THIS IS SO MUCH FUN!" and the other part says, "HOT DAMN MOL, YOU'RE NOT TOO SHABBY AT THIS!" even after having worked in technology for the past three years rather than painting as a daily career. Maybe it is all stewing and settling... So this is the fifteen minute sketch of Grandpa Wade. What a lesson in drawing an aged face....