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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Happy art day

And we have a happy art day planned... with assistance.

Arm Update.

Well the cast is off. I can tilt my arm exactly 30 degrees forward. Ten degrees back. Still can't rotate it, but it's really nice to see my limb in it's entirety again even if that includes scaly, thin, and bruised and swollen.

Painted today with the brace on for a bit. Mixing paint--my typically favorite thing to do--was, well, less than endearing. However, these things do happen, and therein, I plug forward and do what I can do without the adage of painting and working on my portfolio at present. I find it is amazing how patient the majority of the time I am with this process. Oh, there are moments when I get extremely frustrated, but as a whole I appreciate my patience with myself (I attribute this development to living with Orion (1.7 year old labrador)....who demands nothing less.)

Friday, June 15, 2012


I broke my right arm. Six days after the last post. Luckily I painted that morning and cleaned my brushes before doing the damage.

Not convinced I can draw right now. I am just regaining finger movement. It's been three weeks. I can't rotate my arm yet. Well, I can, but then I swear and jump around squeezing my cast, cursing myself.

It's really cramping my level-headedness, but then life is all about trusting the process so maybe some down time from the sketchbook--mandatory removal--is going to develop into even better artwork.

The dr. said I wouldn't notice the limitation of wrist movement unless I was a violinist. I just kept saying, "I'm an artist. As long as you don't think I'll notice as an artist then okay..."

So, that's why there has been a lack of activity lately.

If you want the full-story as to how I did it, read: