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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas card

Love the pre-design images...

update 101

As it's that time of year, and I ignore this blog horribly in lieu of my other one ( it's time to update:
I have surprisingly been working like a steam engine, cranking out art left and right. Walk the dog, make art, go to work, make art. So, as a brief summary, I made this awesome poster (and made two of them because I'm indecisive) only to find of the 58 competitors, I did not win the what-could-have-been-so-helpful, $2000. I was happy with the turnout none the less. Then I made a bunch of Christmas presents, started on my card, and took a day off to take pictures of my friend Jenny's little kids--which was loads of fun and I was quite happy with the turn out of those as well. Here's the visual summary: