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A blog primarily chronicling the artistic and writerly endeavors of a girl who moves with the change in wind patterns, and is always trying to puzzle out, and explore the life given.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

wood working

Trying my hand at wood working... who knew doors have pins so you don't have to remove the entire hinge? But look at me using proper "respiratory" protection after years of watching art education videos on proper wear and tear when making art.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Naturalist Life

In one of my many fantasy lives, I am a naturalist, tromping through the woods, sketching owls, eagles, hawks, and small creatures in the woods. I'm out collecting owl pellets, tagging birds, following tracks you name it. Today, was one such day, despite my limited "institutional" experience as a naturalist.... I think we did quite well on our pursuit... Yesterday, JP and I discovered what we thought was the Bald Eagle nest along the Whitewater River. For seasons now, we have sprung early in the morning to be out watching the eagles fish the river for breakfast, but we have NEVER found their nest. We tromped through the trees along their fishing nook, looking for nests, feathers, to no avail but yesterday.... of course, being the enthusiastic naturalists that we are, we happened to be on the opposite side of the river from the nest, prohibiting us from getting a great close look at it, check for evidence of little eaglets etc. With our snow boots on and a prayer, we parked the truck off the side of the road, hoping the tires wouldn't stick in the mud while we contemplated our options:
"Well we could dig out the kayaks from the basement."
"But I don't know, the current is pretty fast."
"Yeah but I can swim really well. The worst that would happen is I'd get hypothermia pretty bad."
"And your mother would shoot me."
"Isn't there any place that is on the opposite side from here? A bridge? Anywhere?"
"The landfill?"
And so it was decided.
After hiking over the landfill and through the woods, through brambles like Sleeping Beauty's protected castle, we made it to the eagle tree... well worth the hike as we watched the papa eagle soar by us on the river.

Evening painting

I'm in the midwest for a scootch, and had a lovely evening doing a painting lesson for my pal who is incredibly naturally talented--course, then after such grueling instruction, she had to catch a nap... taking advantage of the circumstance, I was able to and bust out a quick oil sketch of her and her best-friend-dog

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The new sites!

This past week I have been working hard on the development of a handful of new websites, some of which benefit myself and my business, as well as others for other people. Today I worked almost exclusively on my new site entitled The Art Pal ( This site is designed to pull from all my pal's best work and get a group art site going where people can come, check out the art, and purchase it from a collection of artists. I'm also looking to promote some additional services under membership which will be exciting when and as it takes off.

Beyond that, I also finalized McL Design ( a site designed to promote my web designing skills/services as well as graphic design talent :). Since I have isolated my to being exclusively illustration, I needed a new home for some of my other art, thus the inspiration of these two ideas.

But I have not stopped there. My remaining site: is going to be a one-stop resource for young professionals looking to get involved in children's literature. This site is the third to be built and while I constructed a light form of it while in grad school I'm looking forward to developing it further and posting it as resource for all. This, shall come. Presently, it does not exist, so don't get bent out of shape when you test out the link.

McL Design is rocking. The Art Pal is 90% done, just pulling in some additional artists and working out the navigational kinks. Go, check them out. Leave some feedback too!