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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Card 2010

Here it is... the finalized version of Christmas card 2010 (complete with my color consultant Melanie Micklas)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Missed Deadlines

So the Laurel Library called me up the other day while I was in Portland, and asked me to participate in their art show. Needless to say I was game, got home from Oregon and began assessing my art that could be submitted. The last two months I spent theraputicing myself with art so there are a lot of half complete, got-what-i-wanted-out-of-it, paintings, so I decided today, on Tuesday, I would bust out some new work. Chugging a mini Pepsi, Chris Pureka in ear, I set to work...

All was good fun, my room looks like it blew up, (searching for ink wells, oil paints etc.) and then, as I am ready to call it a night at 1 am, I discover the art show deadline was LAST Friday, not THIS Friday. Go figure. Ha ha. Made myself laugh though with my three day rally, and rapid, "Oh, well I guess forget that!"

The end conclusion...


I just spent a wonderful week out with my best friend in Portland, Oregon. Portland, for those who have not been there, is pretty much equivalent to Ireland and Scotland (in terms of weather) but very liberal, filled with lots of quirky shops, unique looking people, loads of beards, dreads, you name it. It did rain the entire time I was there however, it was the perfect weather for long cups of tea, and snuggles on the couch. I felt so relaxed, slept a bunch, saw a WONDERFUL Chris Pureka show ( was introduced to a new band Horse Feathers, and enjoyed a show by Folk & Spoon while there. We also took a calming walk through the Japanese Gardens (see the mini watercolor) and had a dance party (see the dancing sketches) and just read, talked, and had an overall chill experience. We also took a hike to the hot springs of Bagby where we soaked in a carved out tree trunk that filled with natural hot spring water. It was magical. The drive there also was one for the memory as the tall pines loomed on either side, water splashing in and out between them, fog magically dancing among the limbs. Oh, just so cool.

I am back with a clear head on my shoulders and a painting night ahead as I have to get some pieces done for a show this weekend that I was called to participate in! Yikes!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

An it comes around again

Okay it's that time of year for voting on the Christmas/neutral holiday cards... let me know your thoughts on the following: