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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another day with the BERL

I had another lovely day at The Eric Carle Museum. Today I had a handful of hours to kill between job two orienting and airport pickup so I wandered to my favorite new hang out. After having spent the weekend at one of the Carles programs for selecting the Caldecott for this year, I feel as if I haven't been away hardly at all. Packing my bag full of sketchbooks, iPad, computer and Christmas cards I still have to fill out I figured if I got bored in the library I most certainly could make myself at home in their cafe. After an hour of studying Emily gravitt's books, cover to cover, end papers to end papers, I moved back to the Barbara Elleman Research Library to read through the more academic books and visit with my friend Betty who is the librarian organizing all things in there. I rattled on to her about the interesting path of publishing for which I was reading and about the awesomeness of finding a picture of Helen Jones, Trina's old mentor, and whatnot. She patiently listened, and shared with me of her new biography on CS Lewis that had her current attention, and I went back to slowly perusing the bookshelves. "Donated by Barbara Elleman" each inside flap stated. I would like this lady. We have similar tastes in books. I'm looking forward to her conversation in January on the Caldecotts for another awesome program. sometimes I think I am just so lucky to live out here.