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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Finley Market

Today Lauren and I ventured out to the historic Finley Market in Cincinnati, Ohio. Having never been to Finley Market before, I imagined it to be something like a grandiose farmer's market, but found it entirely different with shops inside selling real meat, and baked goods and people bustling around like busy bees. The outside with the tables and small shops reminded me of downtown Boston's Quincy Market, or San Francisco near the loading docks for Socilito. Lauren and I plunked down at some of the tables set up for people, and had some time to do some quick sketches, thus seen below. We also tried seriously the best waffles I've ever had at the Belgium Waffle section. Yum, yum! Fruit and whipped cream! Having taken a two week break from sketching though I must say I was slightly more frustrated to start because I couldn't figure things out. "Be patient. You know how to do this," was my mantra as I stumbled through the first sketch. I caught on soon enough but it just goes to show how art is a practice and a discipline that if you skip, you can get out of shape quickly.

Friday, October 29, 2010


I think I have made a break through. This is good news. On the opposite side, I will be sketching on Sunday and taking my lazy, I read all day self, out with my trusty pal Lauren and hit up some new places so I should be posting some art soon. Also, Dunkin Donuts in Ohio is improving. On attempt number three, I got BOTH cream and sugar, yes, this time they HAD cream, but they did go a touch overboard on the sugar. Not quite in equal proportions the way the New England folks get trained, however, so not to be critical, they are making progress.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My favorite

This tree, this picture, causes me pause. Life has such beautiful moments. The color, the sun, the fall. Capturing the photograph then taking chase to catch up with the walking party on a fall day.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plein Air

Dressed as a bag lady, with paint splattered overalls, checkered painting shirt, and loaded down with my box easel, wooden stool, backpack and four canvases, I landed in a corner of Sharon Woods for my plein air painting day. Arriving at 9 AM, the light was ideal, though I had snapped pictures the day before just in case. Setting up shop, I had a handful of people comment, "Lovely day for painting." "Great view." as I starting pushing paint around on the canvas. Interestingly enough it took me a bit to get grounded in painting this morning as I did not prep my canvases the way I usually do--meaning, I left my acrylics at home and had blank white with which to work. It was humorous to me how much I was struggling to find my groove with this simple skippage of routine. For a time, I set the canvas down and pulled out a prescription bottle that still had some gesso/acrylic mix in it from an old painting (prescription bottles make for good portable storage), and I covered the extra three canvases left for the day. By the time I was finished with that, and one pep talk, I regrounded myself and began making progress. You can see the little set up I established. It is quite impressive the number of people that enjoy stopping and talking to you. A very different painting experience for me. I had one gentleman, a portrait artist from India, join me in consultation towards the end to try and help me discover why the right side seemed so successful while the left was just struggling. We came to a decent enough conclusion though I still think something's off. One woman, a Mississippian, told me of her pursuit of becoming an artist that led to her painting a large mural on her wall in Arkansas of the Louisiana Bayou. The majority of the people however were just very complimentary, one guy even told me, "I'm on lap four, and you're making great progress!" And I had another gentleman come back to tell me I should go up a ways because it was so lovely, he almost cried. He had a Yankees hat on, but otherwise I believed him ;) Time flew right by and I enjoyed some applesauce and wheat thins while sitting in the grass, absorbing the fine fall day.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Post script to the Addition

Also, today was a day of news; my sister, Kate had a rocking good grade in one of her classes and just sounded very happy with her little boy. Maggie (who's had a rough week, having been hit by a car TWICE on her bike, and then got really sick) happens to have discovered her heart is okay (even though it made it up to 300 beats a minute) and will be able to have a fairly non-complicated surgery to fix it's trigger happiness (unrelated to the accidents), and Kelley saw a praying mantis AND found out there's a real life human stem cell test subject down at Shepards, which potentially can mean great things for her AND she also held a pen in therapy this week.

So how about that?

What a great way to start a week.

Off to bed for my morning in the park tomorrow.

Latest addition to the Family

I had a wonderful day today. The weather was gorgeous, the leaves following suit, my spirits were high as I tromped around Sharon Woods Pond for my morning hike with Lynn. After not too much arm twisting I went prowling to the art store where in I splurged for....


My newest coolest, artistic addition: (check out the paint bucket and tell me you don't just think that's the cutest thing you've ever seen)

I'm very excited for my all day art extravaganza tomorrow. I will post more later this week to show what was accomplished in my time there.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Eden Park and Daydreams...

This morning I woke up and met my friend over in Eden Park for a little figure drawing, well, I was figure drawing and Lauren decided she was not in the mood so was cross-word puzzling, but stayed still enough that I could sketch her. It was nice. I have found Lauren has become my art pal out here and is fairly willing to make time to go out drawing when prompted. In ways, I am striving to create a group of people who also like making art, similar to what I found with The Starving Artist, or who would like to just get out and go sketching. I find this is a great way to spend time together and develop my art skill set, or just cater to my persistent need to draw. So far this, and last month I have successfully met my goal of three sketches a week despite the fact some of these sketches may be as basic as beds from Pottery Barn's magazines. It is still drawing and observing so I count the effort.

Tuesday is my day off this week, and while I find it challenging to find people who also share week days off, I am comtemplating taking the time to do an outdoor oil day. I am not nearly prepared for this (ie. no outdoor easle or turp) but I like the idea all the same and may resort to my watercolor kit anyways. The leaves are changing and some are ripe with color. I can imagine what they might be like in New Hampshire about now too, though it seems there should be one more week before they reach their prime. As I have been drooling over this concept, I thought about travel easles... and below one can see the one I presently am in love with (found on Someone I was speaking with pointed out if I get one for outdoors, I can still use it in my room, despite it's smaller size. Brilliant idea!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Demeter & Persephone Return

I am currently reading this book entitled, Care of the Soul, by Thomas Moore. I have picked this book up at various periods of my life but found it very egotistical and dry. This time, I am plugging through it with the same opinions of the writer, however am finding elements that cause me pause. As is noted for the past year (going on two this December), I've spent a large portion of my time being introspective, learning about self and trying to learn how to care and or patch up my self, so naturally a book about tending to the soul fits in with my paradigm for the present period in my life.

For those constant blog followers, one may remember a posting about the book, Traveling with Pomegranates--a story about Sue Monk Kidd coming of age in her early forties/fifties, and Anne Kidd Taylor, her daughter, struggling with early twenties. A large portion of Sue and Anne's journey centered around the myth of Persephone and Demeter (the daughter who gets unwillingly pulled down to the underworld as a mate to Hades, separated from her mother against her will, and then her mother ignoring duties as a god, searching for her missing daughter). Care of the Soul reflected on this theme as well and I took particular pause over the idea of this story per the interpretation of Mr. Moore. There were three sentences for which I spent reflection time while peddling on my exercise bike at the gym, "We might understand the story of Persephone as the myth of every child, realizing that the child's susceptibility to dark people and places may be a dangerous but sometimes unavoidable way of soul-making." "The Persophone myth informs us that sometimes one discovers soul and the underworld against one's will." "It is in the nature of things to be drawn to the very experiences that will spoil our innocence, transform our lives, and give us necessary complexity and depth." I, of course, first drew the parallel to that of depression, and how that is a dip to the dark places, yet forces a level of soul-making--but went on to reflect on other areas that could exemplify the underworld as well.

I have been thinking about death a lot lately, pausing on my way to Borders, to observe three lanes of highway closed, bright lights of every emergency vehicle and two cars smashed to a point that lives must have been lost. These two cars had people who were doing an everyday thing, driving their car on the highway. Who knew this day, would be their last day?

My grandmother's anniversary of passing is coming up next week. It causes me pause. Her life, while long, had a more predictable end, but still, it was an ending to one I knew and loved. I sit on my lunch breaks clicking my knitting needles together, knitting needles she gave me, and thinking about her in my history. How I do miss my grandmother.

A customer came in who in conversation I learned had just lost her boyfriend to death. Circumstances unknown to me but the girl was not much older than myself. Did she know she was losing him? Did she know her time was limited?

The interesting reflection here is though these three snippets reflect tangible death, those left behind, also experience a trip to the underworld as well in the journey that is grieving. Demeter and Persephone. Persephone's journey, while challenging for self, also hugely affected her mother, who was having her own journey; much like Sue and Anne in the story.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

2 Down...

Twenty-four to go.

This is my second alphabet block. I still need to buy turp to properly clean my block and brayer, but I am really happy with how they are turning out. For the most part I have not been looking too closely at the animals which I think lends itself to more a more children's bookish feel.

I also finished up my friend Casey's painting today. Considering she got married in March, I'm a touch behind schedule, but I'm glad it is complete and when I locate a PO Box I can send it her way.

Today my housemate and I talked about puppy proofing the house. Two labrador puppies in a house with a writer, and a writer/illustrator = lots of books for the little guys to chew on.